Welcome to Kin Raising Kids Tasmania Inc. If you are a grandparent or kin carer you are not alone. We advocate for children living with kin and would like you to join us. Please support and join our journey by contacting us or joining below. We look forward to meeting you.

  • Article by Isabel Bird – The Examiner. Raising Grandchildren: Susan Fahey says informal grandparent carers need help. Informal grandparent carers need free legal help from the government to confirm legal status as carers of their grandchildren, says lawyer Susan Fahey.Many informal carers are asked by the state to care for their grandchildren but then Child Safety […]

  • MARCH 5 2019 – 4:30AM Raising Grandchildren series | Part 2     Story by Isabel Bird    The Examiner newspaper. Grandparent families in Australia are mostly retired, single grandmothers, living on pensions. Raising Grandchildren is a series looking at the challenges faced by elderly couples and singles who have children in their full-time care.  Joan* […]

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  • Children and young people in kinship care. At times Tasmanian children and young people are unable to remain in the care of their parents. The reasons are varied and can include parents who suffer mental health problems, incarceration, poverty, addiction and disability. Care by extended family, including grandparents, can be an excellent option for these […]

  • Grandparents and kin who raise grandchildren. https://www.themercury.com.au/news/opinion/talking-point-lend-a-hand-to-grandparents-raising-our-next-generation/news-story/d5bf24a1d4fba86d8d81e87e73bf5487 Imagine that you are about to commence your long-awaited and well-earned retirement. Maybe you have plans to take that extended road trip around Australia. Or catch up on all those books you have been waiting to find the time to read. Or planning so many other dreams to […]

  • (Analysis at 19/10/2017) To date 25 separate responses have been received from 22 grandparent carer families. These 22 carer families between them are responsible for the welfare of 44 children between the ages of 6 months and 18 years. Most pressing needs of carers Carers were asked to identify their most pressing needs. The top […]

  • Mission Statement: To encourage and support kinship carers, including grandparents raising grandchildren, who are the primary carers of diverse family and kin. The group offers peer support, advocacy, information and referral services to member kinship families throughout Tasmania. Vision Statement: To have every Tasmanian Child living in safety within It’s Biological Family and have an […]

  • A  successful and informative strategic planning session was recently held.  More info to come.