Results of Kin Raising Kids survey of carer needs.

(Analysis at 19/10/2017)

To date 25 separate responses have been received from 22 grandparent carer families. These 22 carer families between them are responsible for the welfare of 44 children between the ages of 6 months and 18 years.

Most pressing needs of carers

Carers were asked to identify their most pressing needs. The top three priorities were immediately apparent.

The top three needs identified were:

  • Financial support 88%
  • Access to social activities 52%
  • Information about government policy 52%

Also mentioned were the need for

  • Respite care 36%
  • Training and information to assist in caring 20%
  • Medical support for the carer 16%
  • Medical support for the children 12%
  • Legal support 8%
  • Personal and immediate support for problems as they arise 4%

N.B.The above percentages indicate the percentage of respondents who named each issue as a top 3 priority.

Carers were invited to make further comments, and noted that the difference in funding and support between Kinship Carers and Foster Carers (including ongoing support after the child leaves care) was inequitable.

Another theme noted was the need for more practical assistance in taking care of the children. This includes things like extra-curricular activities and mentoring for children, and more immediate financial aid.