We advocate for all children and young people in Tasmania to be raised in safe, happy and adequately resourced homes. This includes children in the care of their grandparents or kin. 

Our vision is that all children and young people in Tasmania are raised in safe and happy homes, no matter their situation.

There are many reasons why some parents are not able to care for their children on a full time basis; sometimes this a temporary situation and sometimes it is due to ongoing issues. In many circumstances, the very best option for these children is to be raised by their grandparents or kinship carers. Kin Raising Kids Tasmania inc. advocates for these children and their carers to ensure that the child’s full range of needs are met.

We believe it is time for these families to be recognized more formally by policymakers and service providers.

Without more extensive official responses, grandparents may receive little or no support until they experience a physical or mental health crisis.

From a policy perspective, grandparents and kin provide the safety net for children who might have otherwise entered the foster care system. They require more support than governments currently provide. 

The research and available evidence indicates that children raised in the care of grandparents and kin experience better outcomes.

Contact us: secretary@kin4kids.org.au 

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